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2014 PDS Recipients

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2014 PDS Recipients
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2009 PDS Recipients
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Thomas W. Abrams Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Maribeth A. Anderson IMERT
Josh Balk OSF Saint Francis Medical Center-Office of Disaster Preparedness
Larry J. Auvergene Federal Emergency Management Agency
James R. Barnett Lincolnwood Fire Department
Michael James Belmonte Antioch EMA/Village of Lake Bluff
Patrick J. Carr Tinley Park Emergency Management and 911 Communications
Amal E. Centers, Jr. Boy Scouts of America
Judith A. Courter Franklin Hospital
Patrick A. Creek Williamson County Emergency Management Agency
Bill R. Crouse U.S. Army
James F. Cueno City of Galesburg
Randy Deicke Batavia Emergency Services and Disaster Agency
Craig F. Dieckman DuPage County OHSEM
Michi Dubes Benedictine University
Timothy J. Foley, 182d Airlift Wing IL Air National Guard
Terry L. Fulk, Jr Jackson County Health Department
Thomas G. Gartner IL State Police
William J. Glisson Forest Preserve District of Kane County Policer
Joy L. Glover Cook County DHSEM
Bart Hagston Jackson County Health Department
Zachary R. Heintzelman 126 ARW CES/CEX, U.S. Air National Guard
Jose Hernandez Oak Lawn Police Dept. and EMA
Mike Hertz City of Carbondale EMA
Bryan S. Jennings City of Mt. Vernon Fire Department
Michelle G. Jonas Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Aaron G. Klima Shorewood Emergency Management Agency
Timothy P. Lamb Hinsdale Police Department
Erin Catherine Laske St. Xavier University-Public Safety
Belen Sanchez Leos US Department of Labor-OSHA
Daniel P. Martin New Lenox Police Department
Anthony E. Marzano Argonne National Laboratory
September McAdoo Clinton County Health Department - Medical Reserve Corps
Tylon McGee Cook County Department of Homeland Security
Cornelius O'Connell Lewis University
Susie Park Cook County DHSEM
Jeffrey J. Prior Hanover Park Police Department
Michael K. Pyle U.S. Army
Erin Carmella Raymond Oak Lawn EMA
Toyla Rice Cook County DHSEM
Scott M. Robertson Lake County Health Department
Deborah J. Sassen IDOT
Harry M. Schmidt Memorial Health System
Jeffery Schulman Cook County Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Monica J. Schwarm Cook County DHSEM
William J. Sheehy III St. Xavier University Police Department
Christine Shiau Cook County DHSEM
Michael D. Smith Hanover Township Emergency Services
Shirley Spangler Franklin Hospital
Kent L. Studnicka Cook County Dept. Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Dennis A. Terpin University of IL at Chicago
Timothy Thomas Cook County DHSEM
John “Jack” Touhy Saint Xavier University
Kevin J. Votava Hinsdale Fire Department
Raymond E. Walden III IL Civil Air Patrol
Corey J. Walters Saint Louis University
David C. Ward  
Chester J. Wiencek Jr. City of Warrenville ESDA
David L. Winker Elmhurst Fire Department
Mark T. Wold Glencoe Department of Public Safety
Sherrie Y. Wright City of Chicago OEMC
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