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Sabit A. Abbasi DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Lucas Timothy Anderson Target
Ramona Baldoni-Lake Harlem Roscoe Fire Protection District
Karen S. Balogh Quill Corporation
Jeffrey R. Baygood Long Grove Fire Protection District
Michael A. Borcky Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Laurie Bradach LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency
Bethanie Brooks LaSalle County Emergency Management Agency
John Carlson Champaign County Emergency Management Agency
Anne Conwill Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Steven L. Cutaia City of Park Ridge
Cindy Dawson Trenton Emergency Management Service
Maurice P. Deenihan Hanover Township Emergency Management Agency
Matthew C. Doughtie Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications
John M. Dwyer Champaign County Emergency Management Agency, Illinois ANG
Robert P. Evans Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Mark Flaherty Aurora Emergency Management
Linda Gant Village of Dixmoor
Andrew P. Geil Riverton Area Fire Protection District
Michael Paul Gohlke Independent
Daniel J. Graunke BP America
Ronald Graziano Hoffman Estates Emergency Management Agency
Theresa M. James Rockford Health System
Jenifer L. Johnson Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Domingo Kaller Will County Emergency Management Agency
Matthew W. Knott Rockford Fire Department
Stephanie L. Kuschel Region 1 RHCC/Rockford Memorial Hospital
Jonathan T. Lowman Highland Park Police Department
Dale Anthony Marzano, OFS Will County ARES
Herman Mathus Dixmoor Police Department
Jason D. Morris Metropolis Fire Department
Thomas J. Murray, Jr. Will County Emergency Management Agency
Gerald P. Nellessen Village of Lake Bluff
Donald Novak City of Elmhurst Emergency Management Agency
Deon K. Pillard Will County Emergency Management Agency
William G. Radicic Henry County, Illinos Emergency Management Agency
Tracy Renfro Rockford Fire Department
Michael Rons Evanston Fire and Life-Safety Services
Murray J. Snow Village of Oak Park
Alana Sorrentino Logan County Emergency Management Agency
Sarah J. Steinbach Student of Emergency Management
Donna Stotlar City of Marion Emergency Management Agency
Joseph Terry Oak Park Fire Department
Kirk Thirtyacre McLean County Emergency Management Agency
Laris Turkic McHenry County Emergency Management Agency
Vardman L. Turner Rockford Fire Department
Kyle Ullmark NIU Police and Public Safety
Todd A. Walker Village of Algonquin
Jerry C. Wiltfang Winnebago County Sheriff's Police
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Exercise Information
FEMA Independent Study Program
Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Program
Illinois Professional Development Series
2013 IEMA Conference
Out-of-State Training Opportunities
Hazardous Materials Training Webpage
School & Campus Security Training
ICS 300 & 400 Training
FEMA Higher Education Project

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