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Bruce Ahlmann Des Plaines Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency, Citizen Corps Programs: VIPS/Medical Reserve Corps/Neighborhood Watch/CERT
Mark P. Bagby St. Clair County Special Emergency Services Association
Gregg Baker Cole County Health Department
Bernard Baltz Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Shana Bean Logan County Department of Public Health
Michael R. Bonuchi Plainfield Emergency Management Agency
Wendell Brewer Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Paul Bumba City of St. Charles
Raymond Carrell City of Chicago, Department of Aviation
Mark Chmura Naperville Fire Department
Nancy Cistaro Crestwood Emergency Management Agency
Bob D. Clark McLean County Emergency Management Agency
William F. Clark Village of Schaumburg
Nicholas Countouris Kaneville Fire Protection District
Lori Crites Williamson County Emergency Management
Michelle Cullerton Office of Emergency Management and Communications
Amber Dillon Illinois Terrorism Task Force
Gregory Dosch Lincolnshire/Riverwood Fire Protection District
Robert Dunne Northfield Township Road District
Rick Emerson Beecher Police Department
Glenn Evans City of Chicago
Fernando Flores Jr. Palos Emergency Management Agency
Haydee Gonzalez Plainfield Emergency Management Agency
Devan P. Gourdine RJA International
Nicholas Grasso Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Curtis Hawk McLean County Emergency Management Agency
Sue Hecht-Mikes Advocate Christ Medical Center
Paul Henneman Chicago Fire Dept
James F. Herring Lake County Emergency Management Agency
Daniel A. Hite Illinois State University, Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Todd Hitt City of Champaign Fire Department
Bryan K. Hovey American Red Cross
Michael R. Jackson Lake County Emergency Management Agency
Steve R. James McHenry County Emergency Management Agency
Gretchen Jarrett Illinois Terrorism Task Force
Kenneth Kirgan Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Dan Kreps McDonough County ESDA
Robert Leahy Jr. Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Walter K. Lewis Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Mandy Little Franklin County Emergency Management
Todd Marshall Des Plaines Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
Ryan McGraw Kane County Office of Emergency Management
C. Kent McKenzie Lake County Emergency Management Agency
Gregory S. Miller Carroll County ESDA Directory
Carole Moen Wood Dale CERT
Sarah T. Murray Chicago OEMC
Brent Oots Plainfield Emergency Management Agency
Brandon M. Oxley Illinois Secretary of State Capitol Police
Jeremy Parke Franklin County Emergency Management Agency
Bryan R. Peters Effingham County Emergency Management Agency
Jeffrey Pindelski Downers Grove Fire Department
Mehwish Qasim Northern Illinois University
Peter J. Raber Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communication
Matt Rauen Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Ed Richter Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Jennifer Ricker Illinois Emergency Management Agency
James Rissell Zion ESDA
Kenneth Roscher Waukegan Police Department
Leon H. Roth Nebo System, Inc.
William A. Rowe Sr. Inverness Emergency Management Agency
Todd Short University of Illinois Police Department
Dennis L. Sparrow Adams County Emergency Management Agency
Melissa Stoll Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Patricia Stoll Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Jason S. Sukut Menard County EMA
John Philip Swinford Village of Sherman
Andy Thompson Stephenson County Emergency Management Agency
Cynthia Thornton Northwest Central Dispatch System
Terry Tichava Kendall Co. Emergency Management Agency
Colin Vasconcelles Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Jim C. Wallace Village of Barrington
Craig E. Weber Plainfield Emergency Management Agency
Emmet Welch City of Chicago Police Department
Sherry Wertz Marshall Browning Hospital
Sherry Wooten University of Illinois, Office of Campus Emergency Planning
David Zinanni Kankakee County ESDA
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