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Kim Purcell IEMA
Mona Callis IEMA
David A. Christensen Lake County ESDA
Randolph Miota U.S. Naval Service Training Center
Kevin Sullivan Village of Burr Ridge
John Pluta Cook County Sheriff's Office
Daniel Walsh Chicago Department of Public Health
Jeffrey Rodrigues Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications
Michael J. Mavrogeorge O'Fallon Fire Department
Tony Slater Carthage ESDA
Joe Hallman Marengo Police Department
Martin Anderson Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications
David Searby Duquoin ESDA
Cheryl Menossi IEMA
William Leidel Bond County ESDA
Debra Craig Amateur Radio Emergency Service
John Konopek Jr. Plainfield EMA
Alvin R. Childress Office of Emergency Management and Communications
Raymond Clark Duquoin ESDA
Jo Thomas Effingham County ESDA
Keith A. Ranney Bloomington Fire/ESDA
Victor A. Ilegbodu Chicago Department of Public Health
Kimberly McGee IEMA
Darryl Dragoo IEMA
Keith Chambers IEMA
Roger Finnell Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc.
Joseph A. Victor Douglas County ESDA
Janie Martin IEMA
Jill Gordon IEMA
Nancy Hlavin Will County ESDA
Joe Corso IEMA
William J. Philhower Henry County ESDA
Chester Vandergriff Franklin Park Fire Department/EMA
James E. Burke City of Warrenville
Daniel Bonn IEMA
Christopher P. Bell American Red Cross of Greater Chicago
Nell Luttrell Palatine Citizen Corps- CERT
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