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      Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Standards & Accreditation Program    

2013 IPEM Recipients

Sabit A. Abbasi, DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Jeffrey T. Anderson, Winnebago County Sheriff's Office
Karen S. Balogh, Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Wyatt Bickett, Illinois Army National Guard
Cmdr. Daniel A. Bitton, Cook County Department of Homeland Security
Matthew G. Bryan, Applied Safety Consulting
William F. Clark, Village of Schaumburg
Vincent B. Davis, Walgreens Family of Companies - Emergency Preparedness & Recovery
Amber Dillon, Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Glenn A. Gibbs, U.S. Army
Raymond J. Hamilton, Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Lorie Hardy, Will County Emergency Management Agency
Curtis Hawk, McLean County Emergency Management Agency
Kelly Huddleston, Williamson County Emergency Management Agency
Douglas E. Kaiser, Presence Mercy Medical Center
Michael V. Kaiser, USAF
Matthew W. Knott, Rockford Fire Department
John M. Kolarik, Schaumburg Fire Department
Stephanie L. Kuschel, Rockford Health System
Thomas Murray Jr., Will County Emergency Management Agency
Mary Narens, Walgreens
Deon K. Pillard, Will County Emergency Management Agency
Tom A. Pratt, SwedishAmerican Health System
Bryan C. Purchis, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Michael B. Raschen, Illinois Army National Guard
Jared A. Rowcliffe, Shelby County Emergency Management Agency
Eugene D. Ryan, Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Rob M. Scaramella, Lake County Health Department
Robert C. Stucko, Chicago Transit Authority
Thomas W. Tilton, Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Laris Turkic, McHenry County Emergency Management Agency
Stephen M. Weiler, Forest Park Police Department
Major Lenny A. Williams, Illinois National Guard
Sherry A. Wooten, Uof I at Urbana, Division of Public Safety

The following people have received approval to renew their IPEM Accreditation:

Lisa D. Anderson, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Mark Bagby, Signal Hill Fire Department
Steven Bobzin, Village of Park Forest
Michael R. Bonuchi, Plainfield Emergency Management Agency
Donald H. Bryant, Kane County Office of Emergency Management
James E. Burke, City of Warrenville
Mona S. Callis, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Richard M. Carani, Village of Libertyville-Libertyville Fire Dept-EMA Coordinator
Michelle Cullerton-Conforti, Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications
Dwain S. Deppolder, City of Peoria OEM
Robert E. Dunne, Cook County Department of Homeland Security
Daniel A. Fulscher, Logan County EMA
Joseph Gasparich, Illinois Fire Service Institute
Larry M. Graf, Menard County EMA
Carolyn J. Hayes, Peoria County EMA
Susan Hecht, BSN, RN, Advocate Christ Medical Center
Daniel A. Hite, IL State University/Hudson ESDA
Brett M. Johnson, Champaign Fire Department
Linda M. Kielas, Palatine Emergency Management Agency
Ronald Kleinhaus, Village of Evergreen Park Fire Department
Steven D. Lewis, Flora/Clay County ESDA
Sean Madison, Kane County Office of Emergency Management
James W. Pitchford, Macoupin County EMA
Chris Pulley, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Craig A. Shaw, Canton Park District Police
Steve Simms. Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Vicky L. Turner, Peoria County EMA
Ed Urban, Algonquin Police Department

What does it take?
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