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      Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Standards & Accreditation Program    

2009 IPEM Recipients

Connie Brooks - LaSalle County Health Department
Paul Burbank - Franklin County EMA
Beverly Carroll - Chicago Police Dept
Arthur Clark - Oak Lawn PD
Lisa Clinton - Bureau County LEPC
Mike Dacey - Chicago Dept of Aviation
Terry Donat - DuPage County Medical
Fernando Flores - Illinois State Police
Jim Goldasich - Putnam County
Greg Hertz - Illinois National Guard
Brett Johnson - Champaign Fire Dept
Kevin Lalley - Lee County EMA
Gary Little - Franklin County EMA
Richard Marks - Peoria County Health Dept
Bryce McCormick - Chapin Crisis and Emergency Management
Curt Mueller - IEMA
Chris Pulley - IEMA
Rick Shryock - IEMA

The following people have received approval to renew their IPEM Accreditation:

Lisa Anderson - IEMA
Chief Richard Carani - Libertyville Fire Dept
Ron Carlson - IEMA(Retired)
John Cheney - DuPage County OHSEM
Raymond Clark - Du Quoin ESDA
Sue Coers - IEMA
Harold Damron - Will County EMA
Brad Entler - Elgin PD
Bob Flemming - IEMA
Joe Gasparich - Illinois Fire Service Institute
Scott Gauvin - IEMA
Chuck Genesio - Du Quoin ESDA
Rita George - North Shore University Health
Alan Gower - Williamson County EMA
Steve Land - Williamson County EMA
Diane Logsdon - Logsdon Consultation Services
Janie Martin - IEMA
Kim McGee - IEMA
Christina Miller - Mid-America Preparedness
Randolph Miota - Lakeland HealthCare, Michigan
Chuck Morris - Piatt County EMA
Mary Murphy-Clohessy - Evergreen Park EMA
Dave Searby - Du Quoin ESDA
Chief Craig Shaw - Fairview PD
Steve Simms - IEMA
Dan Smith - IEMA
Pete Smith - ILEAS
Tom Smith - Palatine EMA
Kathy Spellman - IEMA
Russ Steil - IEMA
Terry Storer - Logan County EMA
Susan Vancil - Lake County Stormwater Mgnt Council

What does it take?
Application Process
Application Review
Accreditation Renewal
Review Committee Meeting Dates
Position Description Guidance
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Exercise Information
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Illinois Professional Emergency Manager Program
Illinois Professional Development Series
2013 IEMA Conference
Out-of-State Training Opportunities
Hazardous Materials Training Webpage
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FEMA Higher Education Project

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