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MGT 315 Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment06/24/14 8:00am - 06/25/15LaGrange Park Safety and Training Bldg-LaGrange Park 0 
All Hazards Logistics Section Chief08/18/14 8:00am - 08/22/14Lincoln 0 
Region 11- Capstone TTX08/21/14 9:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled62 
Region 2 North - Regional Meeting08/21/14 10:00amUnknown-Canceled3 
Debris Management Course08/22/14 8:30amSuburban North Building (Region Four Office)-Des PlainesCanceled7 
Leadership & Influence08/25/14 9:00amDuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled3 
NIMS ICS All-Hazards Supply Unit Leader08/25/14 8:00am - 08/28/14Chicago Dept of Aviation Public Safety-Chicago 0 
Emergency Planning08/28/14 9:00am - 08/29/14Cook County-ChicagoScheduled1 
Defense Support of Civil Authorities Demonstration09/06/14 8:00amScott Air Force Base-Belleville 0 
L341 FEMA Radiological Accident Assessment Concepts (IEMA staff only)09/08/14 8:00am - 09/12/14IEMA Dirksen Facility-SpringfieldScheduled14 
NIMS ICS All-Hazards Logistics Section Chief09/08/14 8:00am - 09/12/14Park Forest Fire Dept.-Park Forest 0 
ICS 300 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents09/13/14 8:00am - 09/14/14Putnam County EMA-Hennepin 0 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS09/15/14 8:00am - 09/17/14ILEAS Training Center-Urbana 0 
Disaster Assistance Process09/16/14 8:00amLogan County Safety Complex-LincolnScheduled3 
COOP- Basic09/17/14 8:30amLaSalle County EMA-OttawaScheduled2 
Debris Management Course09/17/14 8:00amLogan County Safety Complex-LincolnScheduled1 
Effective Communications09/17/14 9:00amLemontScheduled20 
MGT-315 Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment09/17/14 8:00am - 09/18/14Fairview Heights Fire Department-Fairview HeightsScheduled19 
COOP Manager09/18/14 8:30amLaSalle County EMA-OttawaScheduled4 
Region 7- Regional Meeting09/18/14 9:30amChampaignScheduled5 
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS09/18/14 8:00am - 09/19/14ILEAS Training Center-Urbana 0 
New Coordinators' Workshop09/22/14 9:00amDuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled11 
Disaster Assistance Process09/23/14 8:00amRock Island County EMA-MilanScheduled2 
Debris Management Course09/24/14 8:00amRock Island County EMA-MilanScheduled2 
Effective Communications09/24/14 9:00amBridgeview Village Hall-BridgeviewScheduled2 
AWR 151 Understanding the Dangers of Agroterrorism09/25/14 8:00amIEMA Dirksen Facility-SpringfieldScheduled8 
Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bomb Attacks09/25/14 8:00amSwedish-American EMS, Rockford-Rockford 0 
Principles of Frontline Response to Agroterrorism and Food System Disasters09/25/14 12:30pmIEMA Dirksen Facility-SpringfieldScheduled7 
All Hazards Operations Section Chief09/29/14 8:00amCahokia 0 
Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment09/30/14 8:00am - 10/01/14ILEAS Training Center-Urbana 0 
Continuity of Government10/01/14 8:30amLaSalle County EMA-Ottawa 0 
AWR 213 Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Awareness10/06/14 8:00amArlington Heights Police Department-Arlington Heights 0 
AWR 213 Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Awareness10/07/14 8:00amCCROC North Riverside Mall-North Riverside 0 
MGT 414 Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection10/07/14 8:00amArlington Heights Police Department-Arlington Heights 0 
MGT 414 Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection10/08/14 8:00amCCROC North Riverside Mall-North Riverside 0 
AWR 213 Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Awareness10/09/14 8:00amSt. Xavier University Orland Park-Orland Park 0 
ICS 300 - Intermediate ICS10/09/14 8:00am - 10/10/14Winnebago Co. Health Dept.-Rockford 0 
MGT 414 Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection10/10/14 8:00amSt. Xavier University Orland Park-Orland Park 0 
ICS 400 Advanced ICS for Command General Staff Complex Incidents10/10/14 8:00am - 10/11/14Putnam County EMA-Hennepin 0 
PER 273 Coordinated Response to Food Emergencies10/14/14 8:00am - 10/15/14Kaskaskia College-Centralia 0 
Region 4- Regional Meeting10/15/14 10:00amSuburban North Building (Region Four Office)-Des PlainesScheduled16 
Emergency Planning10/15/14 8:00am - 10/16/14McLean County Chamber of Commerce-BloomingtonScheduled5 
All Hazards Situation Unit Leader10/20/14 8:00am - 10/24/14Champaign 0 
ICS 300/40010/20/14 9:00am - 10/24/14DuPage County EOC-WheatonScheduled9 
Continuity of Operations- Basic10/22/14 8:00amHeartland Community College-NormalScheduled1 
Exercise Design10/22/14 9:00am - 10/23/14Will County EMA-JolietScheduled4 
Leadership & Influence10/23/14 9:00amPalos Hills-Scheduled12 
MGT 416 Continuity of Government Ops Planning for Rural Communities10/24/14 8:00amMarion 0 
PER 304 Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery10/27/14 8:00amWill County EMA-Joliet 0 
PER 304 Social Media for Natural Disaster Response and Recovery10/28/14 8:00amWill County EMA-Joliet 0 
Region 9- Regional Meeting10/31/14 10:00amFloraScheduled3 
Disaster Assistance Process11/05/14 9:00amLemontScheduled16 
Continuity of Operations- Basic11/06/14 8:00amRock Island County EMA-MilanPostponed6 
Debris Management Course11/06/14 9:00amLemontScheduled14 
Region 8- Regional Meeting11/07/14 9:00amFairview Heights Fire Department-Fairview HeightsScheduled1 
Region 6- Regional Meeting11/12/14 10:00amPike County-Scheduled1 
Region 3- Regional Meeting11/13/14 10:00amLaSalle County EMA-OttawaScheduled8 
Volunteer and Donations Management11/13/14 8:00amBloomington- Law and Justice Center-BloomingtonScheduled5 
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS11/13/14 8:00am - 11/14/14Winnebago Co. Health Dept.-Rockford 0 
CERT Train-The-Trainer11/20/14 9:00am - 11/21/14LaSalle County EMA-OttawaScheduled1 
Emergency Planning11/25/14 9:00am - 11/26/14East Hazelcrest Village Hall-Hazel CrestScheduled10 
EOC Mgt and Ops (G775)12/02/14 9:00am - 12/03/14CrestwoodScheduled7 
Region 7- Regional Meeting12/11/14 9:30amChampaignScheduled2 
Volunteer and Donations Management12/22/14 9:00amLemontScheduled5 
PER 298 Team Approach to Foodborne Outbreak Repsonse03/10/15 8:00am - 03/11/15Kaskaskia College-Centralia 0 
Region 11- Regional Meeting10/21/15 10:00amThe Pavilion of the City of Marion-MarionScheduled6 
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