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ex: STARCOM21 - Region 3 Jan (Region 3)

ex: STARCOM21 - Region 8 Jan (Region 8)
ex: Region Eight StarCom Exercise (Region Eight)
3 4 5
6 7 8
HSEEP (Grundy County EOC-Morris)

ex: Ingestion Pathway Plan TTX (Springfield)

ex: IINDES Seminar (Michigan City EOC)

ex: STARCOM 21 drill (Throughout State of Illinois)

ex: STARCOM21 - Region 6 Jan (Region 6)

ex: STARCOM21 - Region 2 Jan (Region 2)

ex: STARCOM21 - Region 11 Jan (Region 11)
HSEEP (Grundy County EOC-Morris)

ex: TICP Validation Exercise (ILEAS Building, Main Street Urbana)

ex: Region 7 TICP Validation Exercise (IEMA Region 7 Counties)
HSEEP (Grundy County EOC-Morris)

ex: IINDES Seminar (Wheaton, IL)
11 12
13 14
Principles of Emergency Management (IEMA Rodger Street Training Facility-Springfield)
Region 11- Regional Meeting (The Pavilion of the City of Marion-Marion)

Emergency Planning (IEMA Rodger Street Training Facility-Springfield)
Damage Assessment Course (IEMA Rodger Street Training Facility-Springfield)

ex: Region 6 TICP Validation Exercise (Region 6)
Debris Management Course (IEMA Rodger Street Training Facility-Springfield)

Region 3- Regional Meeting (LaSalle County-)
Effective Communications (IEMA Rodger Street Training Facility-Springfield)

Region 9- Regional Meeting (Flora)
20 21 22
Illinois’ Radiation Response Volunteer Corps (IEMA Rodger Street Training Facility-Springfield)
ex: Tinley Park/CCDPH Pharm Distribution Planning (Tinley Park)

ex: IEMA Region 2 TICP Validation Excercise (IEMA Region 2 (7 County Exercise))
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS (Other-)
ICS 400 - Advanced ICS (Other-)
27 28 29
HSEEP (John A. Logan College-Carterville)

HSEEP (Will County EMA-Joliet)

Region 4- Regional Meeting (Region 4-Des Plaines)

ex: IINDES Seminar (Bristol, WI)
HSEEP (John A. Logan College-Carterville)

HSEEP (Will County EMA-Joliet)
HSEEP (John A. Logan College-Carterville)

HSEEP (Will County EMA-Joliet)

Principles of Emergency Management (Region 4-Des Plaines)

ex: IINDES Seminar (Chicago, IL)
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If you want to learn more about the Training Program or are interested in attending a specific course, please contact the IEMA Regional Coordinator serving your county. Registration must be made in advance to attend any course.
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