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Crowne Plaza Hotel, Springfield, Illinois

Breakout Session #4
Thursday, September 5th, 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

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Creating a Digital Culture Within Our Communities
While technology continues to evolve, the need to instill and reinforce the concepts of digital citizenship remain constant. This session will emphasize the need for creating a digital culture within a household and your community, while highlighting current trends and digital platforms. Christine Feller, Internet Safety Specialist, Office of the Illinois Attorney General, High Tech Crimes Bureau will lead the discussion on the following topics: Cyber bullying, digital citizenship, self- representation, sexting and online predation. This workshop will also highlight available resources that will assist professionals in facilitating digital safety conversations with their children and community members.
Emergency Communications in Illinois
Session will focus on developments across the entire 'spectrum' in the State of Illinois regarding emergency communications to interoperable communications to next generation technologies. An update on current programs will be provided along with a glance towards the future."
Functional Needs and the DRC Experience
The Functional Needs Community in any jurisdiction is usually heavily impacted during disasters. This session will offer insight into how these agencies can assist when a Disaster Recovery Center is opened. It will also focus on how FEMA's Disability Integration Specialist incorporates the needs of the Functional Needs Community and how they utilize the assistance of the various human service provider agencies that serve this population.
Illinois Search and Rescue Council - Running a Search and Rescue Call (Session is Full)
Attendees will break into groups of 4 and run a SAR Scenario. Participants will run thru a real world scenario, work thru an event and develop a missing person questionnaire, search urgency forms, learn when to launch a search, what forms to use and how to start off a search and rescue call. This session is a "hands on session" with members of the Illinois Search and Rescue Council working with each group. CLASS LIMIT: 32
Impact-Based Warning System
At the 2012 IEMA Conference, the National Weather Service discussed the process being used to test their new early warning system "Impact-Based Warning System". The National Weather Service will be back to provide an update on the recently expanded System and where they see the expansion going in the future.
Mitigation and Flood Insurance - A Changing Landscape
The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program has been active for the last 20 years. This will discuss where the program has been, where it is going to and how the mitigation programs can make life easier for an emergency manager. The Biggert-Water Reform passed in July 2012 and the results are starting to be felt. Local officials have started getting the angry calls. Flood insurance premiums are going up. In some cases, the increases will be very large. Many Illinois communities will see significant impacts. Elevation certificates will be in demand to determine a structure's true flood risk and insurance premium. Homeowners will be looking for answers and assistance. They will be calling you. How will you handle the Biggert Waters impacts to your community? Mitigation program Manager Ron Davis and Illinois Dept of Natural Resources/Division of Water Resources
US Army Corps of Engineers Discuss Flood Fighting Assets and Techniques
The USACE will discuss the assets that are available to jurisdictions experiencing or predicted to experience flooding issues. Attendees will get a hands-on look at the supplies. Also addressed will be flood fighting techniques and issues like sand boils and other levee related issues.
Volunteer and Donations Management
The issue of managing volunteers and donated goods during real events continues to be one that many jurisdictions continue to wrestle with. This session will focus on available resources to assist with these two issues and discuss lessons learned from recent events.


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