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Crowne Plaza Hotel, Springfield, Illinois

2013 Pipeline Emergency Response/One-call System (JULIE) Overview
The presentation is to stress the coordination effort needed by emergency responders and pipeline operators in case of an incident reminding emergency services to review their National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) as well as provide some helpful hints in the ways that the JULIE system may be utilized to assist during a pipeline event.
Creating a Digital Culture Within Our Communities
While technology continues to evolve, the need to instill and reinforce the concepts of digital citizenship remain constant. This session will emphasize the need for creating a digital culture within a household and your community, while highlighting current trends and digital platforms. Christine Feller, Internet Safety Specialist, Office of the Illinois Attorney General, High Tech Crimes Bureau will lead the discussion on the following topics: Cyber bullying, digital citizenship, self- representation, sexting and online predation. This workshop will also highlight available resources that will assist professionals in facilitating digital safety conversations with their children and community members.
Including Damage Assessment in Your Next Local Exercise
Even though damage assessment is crucial to helping local jurisdictions determine where to place available assets to assist their citizens and identify if they need any additional assets, this function is rarely tested during local exercises. Madison County EMA Director, Larry Ringering, will discuss how he incorporated damage assessment into his Fall, 2012, Full-Scale Flash Flood exercise. This would include how he successfully implemented the "carrot" to get his local responders/officials on board and became very supportive of the process.
MABAS Illinois Urban Search & Rescue and the Triple R Deployment Model
Following most, if not all disasters, search and rescue operations are a function that all communities are tasked with. Many times, these searches involve buildings that have had their structural integrity compromised. The State of Illinois is fortunate to have assets such as Illinois Task Force 1 and 38 Technical Rescue Teams that are available for these types of searches. This session will focus on what Illinois Task Force 1 is, when a request for Illinois Task Force 1 is appropriate and what can be expected of them. They will also discuss the Rapid Resource Response model for mega disasters.
Maximizing Your Tax Dollars
The Illinois Department of Central Management Services surplus property and equipment programs can be there to subsidize your emergency equipment resources BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a man-made or natural disaster. Elected Officials and representatives of EMAs, Police, Fire, will learn how the CMS State & Federal Surplus Property Programs can provide significant savings by reutilizing excess surplus property received from the Federal government, and other state agencies. With very little investment, your agency can begin preparing for the next disaster rather than "reacting." Attend this session and learn how to plan ahead and get equipment resources in place. CMS Federal Surplus and its Law Enforcement Support Office worked to receive and transfer more than $70 million dollars (original acquisition value) in past 24 months for more than 1,900 Illinois organizations. Outdoor heavy equipment including 6x6 trucks, HMMWVs, off-road vehicles, tools, electronics, food service equipment, machine shop equipment, etc., are available to eligible Illinois' local governments. In many instances, this equipment is lightly used and even new. Specifically of interest are programs for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and local emergency management agencies, as well as other groups that are eligible to receive excess and surplus Federal equipment for pennies on the dollar. Will Walker, Deputy Director, Illinois Dept of Central Management Services, Mike Cavanaugh, and Curtis A. Howard, Senior Administrator, CMS State & Federal Surplus, Statewide Coordinator of the Illinois Law Enforcement Support Office and Past-President, National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property will lead this discussion
Ottawa - Flooding Nightmares to Day Dreaming in the Park
As with many cities, the city of Ottawa in LaSalle County had a serious flooding problem in a large neighborhood. They will discuss how they turned their problem area into a new park that is the jewel of the city. They also saved the city more than $1,000,000 thru a $5,000 investment.
School Design and Threat Resistance
Based on recent events, the issue of building design as it relates to school and public safety has been a hot topic. A panel of architects and engineers experienced in the design of K-12 schools and law enforcement facilities will discuss the design of schools as it relates to a variety of threats including natural disasters (tornadoes and earthquakes) and acts of violence. The panel will also discuss current trends in educational facility design such as openness and transparency and how they relate to potential threats. Panelists include John Ochoa, AIA - President and CEO of FGM Architects, Jim Woods, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, REFP - Director of FGM's PK-12 educational practice, Ray Lee, AIA, LEED AP - Director of FGM's Police/Public Safety Practice and Rich Walther, PE, SE - Associate Principal - Wiss Janney Elstner
Social Media in Emergency Management and Disaster Response
Social media is a critical tool in emergency management and disaster response. With Hurricane Sandy's case study as a backdrop, Carolyn Deming, FEMA Region V Digital Communications, will discuss best practices for implementing a social media strategy, including free tools, the basics on monitoring and messaging both in disaster and non-disaster time and how to mine and utilize the vast amounts of information put forth on digital channels.


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