Governor Pat Quinn


NIMSCAST Integration in PrepCAST


The National Integration Center and National Preparedness Assessments Division will be launching NIMSCAST version 5.0. The purpose of this message is to inform NIMSCAST users and stakeholders of updates made for the NIMSCAST 5.0 release and NIMSCAST integration into the Preparedness Compliance Assessment System Tool (PrepCAST). It is important to note that PrepCAST acts as the portal through which NIMSCAST is accessed it is not a new reporting system. NIMSCAST will continue to be the tool that local, State, Tribal and Federal governments use to report their NIMS implementation status. Other than changes to NIMSCAST access, user profile management and user password management, NIMSCAST remains virtually the same. NIMSCAST accounts, assigned user roles, and the assessment management process remain the same.

NIMSCAST Outage update: The NIMSCAST/PrepCAST development team is still handling technical issues that will further delay the launch of NIMSCAST 5.0 beyond the originally planned March 22 launch date. Further, due to effects of budget constraints, the National Integration Center cannot articulate a definitive timeframe for the next NIMSCAST launch. More information to follow as it becomes available.

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