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Division of Nuclear Safety

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Information Notices
Distribution of Informational Brochure on the National Source Tracking System (FSME-10-052)
Reporting Requirements for Industrial Radiography (FSME-10-019)
NRC Information Notice 2003-22, Supplement 1: Heightened Awareness for Patients Containing Detectable Amounts of Radiation from Medical Administrations
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary RIS-09-09: Use of Multiple Dosimetry and Compartment Factors in Determining Effective Dose Equivalent From External Radiation Exposure
NRC Information Notice 2009-15: Varian Medical Systems Varisource High Dose-Rate Remote Afterloader Events: Source Retraction Problems
NRC Information Notice 2009-17: Reportable Medical Events Involving Treatment Delivery Errors Caused by Confusion of Units for the Specification of Brachytherapy Sources
NRC Information Notice 2009-18: Performance of Required Shutter Checks and Reporting of Gauge Shutter Failures
NRC Information Notice 2009-30: Compliance with Decommissioning Requirements
NRC Draft Safety Culture Policy Statement and Notice of NRC Workshops (FSME-09-095)
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary 2009-15: National Source Tracking System (NSTS) Annual Inventory Reconciliation
Safety Culture Policy Statement
Certification X-Ray/Laser USNRC Proposed Regulations
Nuclear Facility Safety
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