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E-Business for the Courts - Electronic Access for Circuit Court Records

On September 19, 2002, the Illinois Supreme Court filed Order M.R. 18368 ordering that electronic access and dissemination of court records shall be in accordance with the "Electronic Access Policy for Circuit Court Records of the Illinois Courts."

The purpose of the policy is to provide a comprehensive policy on electronic access to the court records held by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. The policy provides for access in a manner that:

(1) Provides maximum accessibility to court records;
(2) Supports the role of the judiciary;
(3) Promotes governmental accountability;
(4) Contributes to public safety;
(5) Avoids risk of harm to individuals;
(6) Makes most effective use of court and clerk of court staff;
(7) Provides excellent customer service;
(8) Protects individual privacy rights and interests;
(9) Protects proprietary business information;
(10) Minimizes reluctance to use the court to resolve disputes; and
(11) Does not unduly burden the ongoing business of the judiciary.

The policy is intended to provide guidance to (1) litigants and the general public seeking electronic access to court records and (2) judges, and court and clerk of court personnel responding to requests for electronic access.

Each circuit court that wishes to provide electronic access to the court records maintained by any clerk of court within its jurisdiction must adopt a local rule or administrative order consistent with this policy. All courts and clerks shall employ
appropriate security measures, procedures, devices and software to protect the court’s records and to prevent unauthorized access.