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  The Aging Network  

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See also: About the Department

  • Illinois Department on Aging Annual Report, FY 2010 (431 KB), submitted annually to the Governor and the Illinois General Assembly as required by Public Act 81–202, describes Department activities and accomplishments for each state fiscal year ending June 30.

  • Serving Minority Seniors, (book, 2011 - 827 KB) an annual report to the Governor and the Illinois General Assembly, as required by Public Act 88-0254, on programs and services provided to minority seniors by Illinois’ human service agencies, examines service barriers, needs, gaps and problems, as well as current initiatives to address them. The report is a collaboration of the Illinois Departments of Aging, Healthcare and Family Services, Human Services and Public Health.

  • State Plan on Aging for FY 2013-2015, (book, 2012 - 2MB) a report required by the U.S. Administration on Aging, outlines Department program structure and financial plan for service delivery over a three-year period.

  • Telling It Like It Was...Illinois' Elders Share Their Stories (book, 2004 - 2,646 KB) a special printing produced in collaboration with BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois celebrating Illinois ethnic minority elders.

Archival – Research
For copies of the following historical publications, contact the Illinois Department on Aging's Senior HelpLine.

  • Governor's Statewide Elder Abuse Task Force: Findings and Recomendations (book, 2001) was provided by the 31-member Elder Abuse Task Force, which included representatives from law enforcement and criminal justice, state government, the financial industry, advocacy organizations and social service agencies. The group focused on financial exploitation, the largest single category of abuse against older persons, and formulated recommendations to further address the problem.

  • Governor's Summit on Aging 1999 Final Report (book, 2000) provides information on the Summit, which was held in October, 1999, to elicit recommendations relating to senior citizens. Transportation, housing, financial independence, elder rights, long term care, nutritional health and "seniors of the future" were the topics covered.

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: A Family Challenge (Special Report, 1998) consisting of findings and recommendations of the Illinois Symposium on Legal and Supportive Services for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

  • A Guidebook on Volunteer Opportunities in Illinois (book, 1994) gives an overview of opportunities to help others, agencies to contact to reach those who need volunteer help and other valuable information.

  • Limited English Proficient Elderly in Illinois, (Feb. 2004 - 607 KB) a Facts on Aging publication providing demographics on Illinois' ethnic minority elderly, accompanied with a chart, Limited English Proficient Elderly in Illinois by Language, featuring the Illinois Area Agencies on Aging that have more than 100 elderly speaking one non-English language (Feb. 2004 - 13 KB).

  • Older Women in Illinois...the Differences They Face (book, 1997) is an updated report describing why it is different for a woman to grow older than it is for a man. Various concerns women have about income, housing, health care, etc. are explained and population characteristics are detailed. The report also takes a look at "older women of tomorrow."

  • Profile of Illinois’ Elderly, "A Fast–Changing Demography" 1994 (book, 1994) explores demographic information on the status of aging in Illinois. Data (based on the 1990 census) provides a broad overview of the elderly population and specifics on groups like the "oldest–old," women, minorities, rural elderly, etc.

  • Project 20–20 Report (book, 1995) provides results of a statewide grassroots study of the Illinois Aging Network – accomplishments of the past 20 years and recommendations for the next 20 years. Written by the Institute for Metropolitan Affairs at Roosevelt University.

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  Assistance in Your Home & Community  

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See also: Assistance in Your Home and Community

  • Choices for Care in Illinois (brochure, 2011) explains the purpose of the Choices for Care Program and answers questions about how it functions.

  • Choices for Care in Illinois (book, 2009) provides comprehensive information and a starting point for older adults and their families in exploring options available for community-based long term care.

  • Community Care Program (brochure, 2011 - 155 KB) describes Illinois’ Community Care Program, designed to prevent premature or unnecessary institutionalization by offering in–home, community–based services to eligible adults age 60 and older.

  • Determination of Need, Service Cost Maximum Study (report, 2009 - 1,227 KB) responds to Illinois Public Act 95-565, which directed the Illinois Department on Aging to ensure that the determination of need (DON) tool is accurate in determining the participants' level of need. View more Older Adult Services Act publications at OASA Resources and Links.

  • Emergency Home Response Service (brochure, 2011 - 307 KB), part of the Community Care Program, this service is a 24-hour emergency communication link to assistance outside the home for older adults with documented health and safety needs and mobility limitations.

  • Illinois Volunteer Money Management Program (brochure, 2012 - 2.2 MB) describes the protective service for limited income seniors who need help managing their finances. The program is co–sponsored by the Department and AARP.

  • Money Follows the Person (brochure, 2011) is a statewide, multi-agency initiative to help older adults move out of the nursing home and back into their communities.

  • Older Adult Services Act Annual Report, 2013, (book, 2013 - 939 KB) submitted each January to the Illinois General Assembly as required by Public Act 93-1031, it describes the Department's progress toward compliance with the Older Adults Services Act. To view more OASA publications, view OASA Resources and Links.

  • Senior Community Service Employment Program (brochure, 2011 - 224 KB) explains this nationwide program, sponsored by Green Thumb, Inc. and other contracting organizations, which provides part-time public service employment for individuals age 55 and older with limited income. A special effort is made to place program participants in jobs that directly benefit other older people.

  • State and Federal Programs for Older Adults (book, 2013 - 936 KB) describes a wealth of government programs and benefits available to older adults and their families. Toll-free numbers, special numbers for the hearing impaired and other important phone numbers are given, and State Units on Aging are listed.

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  Family Caregiver Support  

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See also: Illinois Family Caregiver Support Program

Relatives raising children:
See also: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program

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To receive publications not currently online or for more information, contact the Illinois Department on Aging's Senior HelpLine.

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